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Our Story

Established in 2019, Arcadia Women Adventures is an adventure company with a goal to help women realise their potential through nature-first experiences that inspire and uplift. In today's world, we often forget to look after ourselves, the importance of a supportive community, and the healing power of nature. At AWA, our goal is to deliver just that. 

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or considering your first pair of hiking boots, our events cater to female-identifying people of all fitness levels. From beginner-friendly day hikes, low-impact retreats, adventure programs, to international expeditions, we have something for everyone. 

If you've ever wanted to spend more time in nature, grow your female friendships, challenge yourself, or tick off a bucket list trip but couldn't find the people to go with, we've made something for you. 


Join us on this journey and discover the incredible things you're capable of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women with accessible and inclusive adventures, whether it’s trying something new, challenging yourself or bringing out your best.


Our Vision

Our vision is to uplift women who are ready to take on adventure, grow their connection to nature and feel empowered in their body, mind and self.

Our Purpose

At Arcadia Women Adventures, we’re here to make you feel like the main player in your life. We strive to create the space and time to let go, and fill your life with adventure; experience adventure created by women, for women.

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Tatiana Reuillier, Founder

Originally from France, Tatiana has called Australia home for the past 12 years. An experienced hiking guide and certified breathwork instructor, she has been guiding women towards transformative experiences in nature since founding in 2019.


Tatiana created Arcadia Women Adventures after experiencing a personal challenge; finding a community of adventurous women who enjoyed nature and used experiences in the wilderness as a healing space. This gap inspired her to create adventures where women can connect, challenge themselves, and thrive in the great outdoors.


At Arcadia Women Adventures, Tatiana fosters an environment of kindness, generosity, and community connection. She believes in the healing power of nature and the importance of self-care and supportive communities. Her mission is to provide women with accessible and inclusive adventures that inspire personal growth and empowerment. Through her leadership, Tatiana ensures that every woman feels like the main character in her life, ready to embrace adventure and discover her potential.


Outside of Arcadia, Tatiana’s commitment to environmental conservation extends to volunteer-led programs at the Wild Mountains Environmental Centre which aims to restore and protect the natural ecosystem in the Scenic Rim, a project she passionately leads.

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