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Our Expeditions are premium small group experiences. We collaborate with companies that focus on epic adventures around the world with a holistic approach, embracing all things feminine.

We collaborate with local adventure businesses with the same ethos as AWA. We always ensure an Arcadia team member is a part of the supporting crew, to cultivate a safe and fun environment for our group.

The benefit is, that you know you are adventuring with local and professional leaders in the industry who are also cultivating female empowerment while adventuring around the world!

These expeditions are designed to take you places you've never been before but perhaps always dreamed about.

We allow you to take a leap of faith and challenge  yourself to something new. You will meet amazing like minded women who share your passion for mother nature, adventures and travel.


Don't know where to start?

Choose an adventure, book your ticket and begin training toward your goal.

We have community hikes and the Adventurer Program year round in SEQ to support you through your journey. You will be able to connect with AWA adventure leaders who will share their tips and recommendations and inspire you to train for this adventure.

Plus if you sign up to one of our Expeditions, you receive 20% off our Adventurer Program for this year. Be quick! Only limited spots available!


Image by Jaime Dantas
Young woman in the mountains



Looking For Some Adventure In Your Life?

 Arcadia Women Adventures brings like minded ladies together to create memories that last a lifetime. 

Check out our most popular events below.

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