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I loved it and learned a lot about myself during this time. I saw in myself resilience, spirit and my grit. I connected with some beautiful people along the way however travelling in the manner I was going, didn’t really allow me to have sustainable deep connections and I was often busy trying to figure how my next move, how to get there, where to eat etc. Reflecting on that time, I realised what I was lacking. I was lacking the deep connection that I craved and that felt important to share the wonders of the world with, I was lacking in a tribe!

When I was in a big group over these years, I struggled to be myself or relatively close to it when surrounded by other people. I would automatically be quieter and take a step back into my own bubble. There of course is nothing wrong with this, however it did suppress my connections with others.

Whilst I enjoyed my time alone to really get to know myself, what the past 14 years have taught me is that I really enjoy connection and I have slowly come out of my shell, and feel more comfortable in a group setting! I actually really love the sense of community connection and have created Arcardia Women Adventures with this in mind. We provide a space for women to come together in a space where women can connect, learn and experience adventuring in a group setting. We specialise in a small group setting though so that the places we adventure to aren’t overcrowded and so that we can make meaningful connections within the group.

Studies have shown that the ideal group size is up to 15 people. Larger groups can be uncomfortably unwieldy, with a tendency to take over places.

At Arcadia Women Adventures we are passionate about considering each and everyone’s needs and wishes. Specialising in a small group experiences, in this space magic happens, connections, fun, finding out who we are….it's an open door to wellness.

I would also love to mention, that when I found my tribe, I stopped retreating into my bubble and found a confidence that had been previously hidden. I really love that Arcadia Women Adventures was my stepping stone to being my true self and that it is also a stepping stone for many women that join our community. Are you ready to join in the fun and be part of something really special and meaningful?

With love, Tati

8 Reasons for group adventuring:

1. Social Connection and Community

It’s powerful to share your passion with like-minded people. Sometimes in life we can free disconnected from those close to us as we have different centres of interest, however when we join a group such as Arcadia Women Adventures we can satisfy our passions and become part of a supportive community.

Adventuring in a group setting allows you to connect with others who have common interests and allows us the opportunity to do what we love and make new friends at the same time. Humans are social creatures by nature and it’s ingrained in our DNA that we feel great when we are part of a community.

2. Experience Adventure

If you have ever wanted to explore new places and not sure where to start or are not confident enough to navigate the trails by yourself, then a group adventure is a great idea! Adventuring creates the best kind of memory and gives us something to look forward, reflect upon and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Arcadia Women Adventure offer a various range of adventures from newbies to experienced wanting more connections, we cater for all from community hikes, to our Advanced Adventurer Program, teaching you all the necessary tricks to become a more confident hiker, and we also white-water expeditions which for some is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

When you experience adventures in a group with us, you are supported with the reassurance of experienced guides, confidently exploring new places within the safety of group adventuring.

3. Safety in Numbers

Hiking with someone or with a group is always recommended. There are many considerations when adventuring in the wilderness such as possibilities of injuries, weather, wildlife, and security.

Hiking with a group provides safety in the event that an injury occurs. Our guides are Wilderness First Aid trained and always carry a first aid kit, snake bite kits, and E-EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacons).

Guides are familiar with trails, what to do when encountering wildlife, factor all weather conditions and safety in numbers to ensure that you feel supported and secure when in the wilderness.

4. Wellbeing

By choosing to challenge yourself in a supportive environment you can build your confidence, abilities and believe in yourself. Sharing our stories within a community of adventurers allows us to understand others and ourselves better. We can explore who we are and how we relate to others. This connection strengthens interactions with our new adventure friends and also with our loved ones.

When we have an experience that makes us shine from within, it echoes through all relationships in our lives and supports deeper connection with others that supports our wellbeing.

5. Health Benefits and Nature Connections

We all know how great we feel when we have spent time outdoors. Adventuring with Arcadia Women Adventures is literally a mini wellness session that helps to educate you as to the connection between nature and our biological, physical, and psychological systems.

When we deepen our connection with nature, understand the seasons and cycles, we can better understand ourselves. Humans are intrinsically linked to nature and we feel better when we are connected to it.

6. Motivation and Inspiration

On an adventure, the camaraderie we experience is like no other on the trail, especially on multi day events. The climb to the summit can be met with screams of celebration of people cheering others on. This motivates us to push a little harder, walk a little further, push through a little stronger when the group is or when we have an audience and likewise, we provide that motivation for others.

7. Planned Experiences

Planning a hike can sometimes feel like a chore. Where to go? How safe is the trail? Do you know the trailhead or heard that there has been closure to a section of the trail? Does the weather affect your ability to proceed? Especially if it’s a new hike, did you take in considerations like the wildlife in the area and possible hazards? If anything happens, where is the nearest emergency access?

Group hikes organized by a guide offer the ease of just showing up. With all the arrangements taken care of. It’s a matter of booking in, a few details provided about your health/fitness to ensure your safety then SMS & Email with all the details you need to know. Join the hike and leave the rest to us!

8. Education and Knowledge of your guides

Learn the benefits of hiking in a group setting – like a casual classroom, learn how it supports physical and mental health. Our guided weekend group hikes also offer the gear so no hefty investments are required to have the adventure of a lifetime. If you are keen to purchase your own gear, our guides offer advice based on our collective years of experience so you don’t have to go through the painful process of working out what’s what. We impart our knowledge of not only the trails, nature facts but the best gear to buy and advise what best suits your skill/abilities and help to achieve your goals – just ask us! We love sharing our knowledge and passion to make hiking part of your lifestyle too.

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