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How to choose the best hiking shoes for yourself?

There are plenty of options out there, however if you really want to take hiking in the wilderness seriously you will soon realise the importance of a good and comfortable pair of shoes will take you a long way.


From leather to mesh fabric shoes, to ankle high or low for stability. The market is full of different styles of hiking shoes and boots and looks like they all can get the job done.


So, How to choose?


You must  first of all ask yourself:

What time of adventuring am I inspired to do? Short hikes along the year, multi day hikes, epic adventures, do you have an expedition on your bucket list?


Well if you have signed up to our programs and community hikes, we are highly recommending the height ankles, leather hiking shoes.


Yes they are heavier and chunky but they will save you some little or big incident you may have along the way. The shoe quality keeps you comfortable and builds your balance and body confidence on steep, rocky, muddy terrain in any weather.


I highly recommend using these types of boots if you are going on a multi day hike and or are carrying a heavy load on your back, like we are planning to do on our adventures together.


Personally, I have a lot of foot issues, and I am gravitating toward more intuitive hiking shoes, meaning shoes with a wider toe box and thinner soles in order to feel the ground while walking. Using Earth reflexology. The brand is called VIVOBAREFOOT AUSTRALIA & NZ.


However, if you don't have any foot problems and are looking for something more solid and protective. Aim for quality leather and ankle high shoes. Wild Earth and Anaconda have epic ranges.


Wool socks are necessary for quality hikes.


Wool socks material is the most popular item and one that our footwear specialist recommends above all other for many reasons.


It regulates temperature while keeping your feet from getting sweaty, out of moisture and blister free.


Happy hiking ladies!

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