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How bush walking can make you Happy?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

How bush walking can make you happy?

There is something grounding by the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other, in nature.

Its an easy pleasure, reminiscent joyous feeling. Just being in nature, on a scenic trails cultivate calmness and clear the head. When i think about bush walking, i think of the pleasant smell of the forest, associated with the smell of the damp moss, wet tree trunks, wild flowers, foliage covered path.

I think of the beauty of the forest light playing with the shadows and colors between the trees, the endless waterfalls spray mist into the sky, the wildlife stumbling and the birds singing to each other.

In my own experience, being in nature is my savior, a long lost friend that has always been there. Suffering from life discomfort , anxiety lead to loneliness.

Moving in Australia, The past decade has been a roller coaster of happenings. Testing me physically, breaking boundaries, mentally draining leaving me with a great feeling of self isolation which i think, in our days, are happening way to much for to many people.

Growing up as a free range kid with a single father has its quirk and beauty.

From swimming in rivers to horse riding in the French countryside, hiking and working in farms was a part of my natural world. Nature was my teacher rather than a classroom full of books and computers.

Moving to Australia with the wrong mindset, I set myself for failure. With lack of boundaries, Wanted to fit in the urban mold, stepping away daily from nature.

Yet found myself lost till years later i submerged myself in a 8 days adventure in the wilderness of Tasmania. There was my awakening on how important is to stay connected to nature.

The scenic view after a long hiking ascension, in particular, remind me how incredibly fascinating our planet is, and how little we know, despite what we think we know. There is nothing more humbling than being face to face with something bigger than yourself.

The process of bush walking with others, invite to share truth, wise words, problems share and solves. Bush walking call to step away from the rumbles of the daily life and to build back resilience. It give time to rethink our disconnection from the natural world. Rethink, How much time we spend on our devises, how much time we spend multitasking has it is a part of our modern world.

Bush walking restore balance within. It is good for you physically, as it is mentally.

It reduce risk of disease, strengthening your heart and give your body a massive endorphin pump. It improve memories , attention and once again promote calmness. Walking regularly build leg muscles, so you can strolled along effortlessly for kilometers and fill your heart with unique joy of being in charge of the strong and capable body of yours.

What's not to like?! Either you plan to go for a multiday day , day hike or a few hours hike, with a little or lots preparation and basic map reading skills, there will be adventures for everyone.

Mother earth is full of those little nature nooks, especially in Australia. This gorgeous country has 516 national parks to protect its unique plants and animals. Where ever you are from in the world , internet will be able to inform and help you prepare you where and whatever you should adventure.

Grab a bus ,co-car, train or bike ,you will get to your destination with no worries in the world!

happy hiking!

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