About Us

Tatiana Reuillier
Founder and Adventure Leader

Tatiana is a woman with a beautiful vision that encompasses her passion for being in nature and challenging herself to be a better person. She has always been drawn to being in the great outdoors and has an adventurous spirit. She strives to inspire others to find that same connection with nature that enables them to find balance within.

Tatiana’s dream is to create a community of women, that come together to challenge themselves and be part of something within nature. She truly believes that challenge is important for self-development and loves sharing these experiences with others.

The concept of Arcadia Women Adventures was born from her desire to encourage women to be inspired and empowered by adventure and connecting to the great outdoors. Her focus is to introduce you to something different, to new landscapes, new adventures, to connect with like-minded community and to have fun through exploration of the self in the natural world around you and by stepping out of your comfort zone.

The seed of Arcadia Women Adventures started at the beautiful Wild Mountains Environment Centre. Wild Mountains has been close to Tatiana’s heart since day one and she hopes to share this with others so they too can fall in love and take a piece of this place with them. This is the perfect venue for us to gather and share this deep experience of Wild Mountains Escape with one another.  

Katie Thatcher
Yoga Teacher 

Katie is a passionate yoga teacher, who has been inspired by many great teachers. Her practice and teaching style honours Ancient Wisdom and follows the Sivananda Lineage. With an emphasis on embodiment through an awareness-based practice. This is a practice to suit everybody and will help you to cultivate a sense of connection to yourself, each other and the land we practice upon.

Katie strongly believes that when women come together great healing can occur on both an individual and collective level. She is inspired to share from her own experiences to empower women to reclaim themselves in a supportive environment. Her intention is to create an atmosphere of ritual and sacredness that honours the wisdom traditions and lineage of yoga that helps each of us remember who we are.

She resonates with Tatiana’s vision of Wild Mountains Escape, of like-minded women connecting in nature and challenging themselves beyond their everyday limits. When we meet challenges together, we can transform together.

Courtney Starchild

Sound Healer and Empowerment Educator
As a Holistic Human Activator, Sound Healer & Empowerment Educator, Courtney Starchild’s heart driven purpose is to share with you simple health hacks to activate your own innate healing potential, release you from your subconscious sabotage and catapult you into the life you truly deserve to live. 
She believes passionately in all things Holistic Healing – Sound Healing, Breath Work, Yoga, Ice Baths, Whole Food Nutrition, Radical Frequency Resonance and Epic Spiritual Evolution. So much so that she wrote a book “Rocking Rock Bottom” sharing all of the lessons she learned throughout her own awakening and bouncing back from two unexpected throat surgeries in 2018. With over a decade of experience Courtney has been creating Retreats, Workshops & Classes around the world helping people to heal and awaken to their own full potential.
These days you can find her down at the beach with her boys, dropping into sound healing ceremonies, making shapes on her yoga mat, submerging in ice baths, firing up at music festivals, getting deep in one on one sound healing sessions, immersing in all kinds of creativity, adventuring with her faves camping and singing full blast at the traffic lights… always
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Danielle Smith
Wim Hof Facilitator


Before Dani became a Wim Hof Facilitator she worked in the Corporate world in Sydney in accounting firms and National Banks and experienced burnout leaving her depleted of energy and negatively impacted her health.


She realised that she was never taught how to manage and handle her stress which was the catalyst for her health challenges. She went on a journey of self healing and discovery to understand the body and how stress impacts it and learn ways to remediate the damage that stress does to your body and learn techniques to help people deal with their stress . This led her to becoming a Certified Wim Hof Instructor, XPT Performance Breath Coach, Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist. She is also expanding her knowledge and skillset and is currently studying Breathwork Mastery and Kundalini Yoga.


She currently runs events, workshops and retreats around Australia as well as working at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat as a Breath Coach and Massage Therapist.


She has previously worked with Professional sports team including the Gold Coast Suns, Waratahs, South Sydney Rabbitohs, GWS Giants and ran corporate health training programs for corporate companies in Sydney.


Dani has a kind and caring nature and through her own personal experience she is able to empathise with people which makes her a great coach to work with.