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Looking for a challenge? To be inspired?Connection through the great outdoors?

Woman Kayaking

Canoeing expedition
8-13 March 2024


Feel like a last minute adventure?We've got you!

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Arcadia Women Adventure facilitates hiking, surfing, canoeing and rafting adventures for small groups. From easy local hikes to the advanced adventurer programs. From epic expeditions in the Australian subtropics and Tasmanian Wilderness to the Europeans Alps and Morocco.


Challenge yourself, be inspired and connected to the natural world.

We  focus on cultivating a wonderful community. Our expedition approach is holistic and deeply respectful of the local environment. You will not just move your body but learn the local culture, be present and connect with like minded women. All under the safety and guidance of our expert Arcadia Women Adventure team.



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women connections & adventures


I absolutely loved my experience.This is the 2nd event I have done with AWA, including wild mountains Adventure retreat and the Adventure program.

Gently held space and facilitation with opportunities for adventure, yoga practice, new challenges and delish food.

My favourite moments are creating new friendships with like minded women and the rustic vibes of the chosen locations with fire places, so many beautiful hiking trails too and the views!!!

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epic adventures
& great crew

I already participated in a couple of adventures with Arcadia Women Adventures and I LOVED every single one of them. The AWA CREW are amazing and very professional. They always make you feel so very welcome and cared for.

Its fun to travel without the fuss and stress of organising if all, great to disconnect from the busy lifestyle!

and I cannot express how amazing the food is! also met many gorgeous, brilliant and strong women and new friends throughout Arcadia Women Adventures. Big fan !

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Expedition of a lifetime

The Franklin river expedition, wow, what's a trip!! Its has been on my bucket list for years and thankfully I found Arcadia women and an incredible team to take this once in a lifetime adventure with. I went without knowing anyone, its always a risk, but found a beautiful bunch of like minded souls who were ready and willing to give this trip their all.

That's testament to the company and who they attract into the fold. Its was fun, challenging( in the great way), the river itself and environment is just stunning, we laughed, we explored hidden jewels, we swam, we paddled our hearts out, ate loads of delicious food ( and yummy snacks) and shared some incredible moments. I wouldn't change a thing and I thanks my lucky stars I met the and joined the AWA crew on the River! Take me back!!

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